Sample sections from the book

Sample sections from different parts of the book are posted for download in PDF format.

  • Section 3.2. Trigonometeric Interpolation of Functions on an Interval. Relation between Algebraic and Trigonometric Interpolation
  • Section 4.2. Quadrature Formulae with no Saturation. Gaussian Quadratures
  • Section 5.4. Gaussian Elimination and Its Tri-Diagonal Version. Section 5.5. Minimization of Quadratic Functions and Its Relation to Linear Systems
  • Section 6.1. Richardson Iterations and the Like
  • Section 9.6. Saturation of Finite-Difference Methods by Smoothness. Section 9.7. The Notion of Spectral Methods
  • Section 10.3. Spectral Stability Criterion for Finite-Difference Cauchy Problems
  • Section 10.5. Stability for Initial Boundary Value Problems

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