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International Conference

Advances in Applied Mathematics

in memoriam of Professor Saul Abarbanel

Tel Aviv University, December 18 - 20, 2018

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Professor Saul Abarbanel passed away on December 22, 2017, at the age of 86. He started his career at MIT, and then spent most of it at Tel Aviv University in Israel, where he was Rector (Provost) for a period of time and held other important posts. He was also affiliated with NASA, Universities Space Research Association, and Brown University in the US. Professor Abarbanel made a number of very important contributions to the fields of fluid mechanics, partial differential equations, numerical analysis, and scientific computation. He has also trained and mentored generations of younger researchers, many of whom went on to become leading figures in their disciplines. Altogether, Professor Abarbanel was one of the most universally respected and loved people in the applied mathematics research community.

The purpose of the conference is to emphasize the indispensable role of mathematics in the design of efficient numerical algorithms that can tackle challenging real-world problems. It will provide a venue for reviewing the recent progress in numerical PDEs and for discussing the new emerging trends in this and related areas. The conference will commemorate the lifelong contribution of Professor Saul Abarbanel to the field of applied mathematics, and will also help remember his delightful personality.

The topics of the conference will include:

  • Partial differential equations;
  • Numerical analysis;
  • Scientific computation;
  • Applications in science and engineering.

If you would like to participate in the conference, please follow the registration link.

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